Unable to add Campaign Members to a Campaign


One of our users was unable to add new members to a campaign because the ‘Campaign Membership Status’ pulldown menu was empty.

Possible solution

  1. Go to Setup | Customize | Campaigns | Campaign Members, and look at the ‘Status’ field, make sure there are values listed.
  2. Click ‘Advanced Setup’ on the relevant Campaign, and make sure there are values in the Member Status Values Related list.

On a side note, if you find yourself adding the same additional Statuses to Campaigns over and over, check out AAkonsult’s “Campaign Status Defaulting” app on the AppExchange, it will make your life easier!

My first encounter with a Bug

While implementing Order processing in our sandbox, I ran into the scenario where a test user is able to create an Order for a certain account, can select the relevant Price Book and sees all the Products from that (standard) Price Book.

Unfortunately, after selecting the Products to add to the Order, and clicking “Select”, the user gets the generic “Insufficient Privileges” error message.

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