Enterprise Management Scheduled Tasks do not match documentation

When we started our journey towards 100% Intune managed, AAD joined devices one of our frustrations was that, after a device was joined to our AAD, we had to play a waiting game before we could verify that all deployment & configuration settings were actually applied to the device.

You can either wait for the MDM client to trigger it’s scheduled check-in, use the device’s GUI to¬†force a manual sync, or trigger one from the Intune management portal.

For Windows 10 devices, the documented schedule for check-ins is as follows:

  • Windows 10 PCs enrolled as devices: Every eight hours.

If the device has just enrolled, the check-in frequency is more frequent, as follows:

  • Windows PCs enrolled as devices: Every three minutes for 30 minutes, and then every eight hours.

While looking at the Task Scheduler on an unrelated matter, I noticed the “EnterpriseMgmt” section

Notice the “Schedule #1”, “Schedule #2” and “Schedule #3” do not correspond with the schedule from the documentation.

Every 3 minutes for the first 15 minutes (not 30 minutes)

Every 15 minutes for the next 2 hours (not mentioned in documentation)

Every 8 hours after that

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